Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekly Schedule

Well Ive had a hard weekend on staying on track. The not so much of a lose on Friday upset me greatly. I did good on Saturday during the day, however Sat night I wanted ice cream and I got it! I ordered a small and didnt eat all of it, so thats bonus, however I came home and was still hungry! The week is very easy. By the time I get home from working out, its after 7 and I can eat and go to bed and dont notice that Im hungry! However the weekends, I eat dinner at 5 and then am hungry by about 9.

So today I did good and didnt have any birthday cake. That was easy cuz there was nuts on it. So I could pass without too much sadness. Im not a big ice cream cake person - I love the idea of original birthday cake cake.

Okay, so this week my plan is to workout at Curves Mon-Thurs from 515-6 and then walk 2 miles. Though Mon and Tues its supposed to rain, so the walking may not happen. Wed Im taking the night off from walking, but only if I get in at least one Mon or Tues. If not, then Ill have to rearrange my Wed night plans. Not a huge deal. Thursday will be back to doing both. :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

How frustrating...

So Im so frustrated. Last night was weigh in night, and I only lost 1/2 a pound. I did very good with my food intake. I tracked and journaled everything. Not one time did I go over. Even on Sunday when I ate way too much chocolate in my Easter basket, I tracked it all. Yes I dived into my weekly points, but I didnt use them all up. I believe I had 15 left for the week! Plus I worked out at Curves Mon-Thurs. And Tues/Wed I walked for two miles. Why with the added exercise and watching my food did I not lose more? The week before when I didnt work out one time besides basic life living, did I lose 6?

So this morning, while I meant to get up and go to Curves, I didnt. So instead I thought why not go look for workout pants. I have plenty of tshirts but I needed a few more pair of capris. Can you believe nothing? I went to Lane Bryant, Kmart, Target, and the Evil Empire. NOTHING! Is it that fat girls dont get workout clothes? What are we supposed to sweat in? This is a clothing line someone should start. How horrible is it not to have clothing to wear at the gym. Its the right time of year to buy it...spring everyone is out walking and getting in shape for summer, right?

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Someone asked me the other day why I am so gung ho this time about losing weight. Normally I do it and while I care, I don't really put my whole into it. I just go with the diet flow. Whereas this time, I'm put myself into it. I'm hoping that's the difference. But I was asked why? Why now?

I'm a firm believer that we all have our breaking points. Sometimes you have to find out what it is. For some people its to look better, health reasons, to fit in the airplane seat (which I did do before mind you!), etc etc etc. But Ive never minded being heavy. Its not been a huge hindrance in my social life. Its not been a big deal with getting jobs. Its not been because of health, for a fat girl I'm doing well with that.

So why now? There are actually two major reasons that made me put my all into it, out myself into it. The first was a personal one, the second was def a in your face reasons. I was doing some cleaning in late March and I have a full length mirror in the hallway. I bent down to pick up something off the floor, Id guess cat hair, and just happened to look sideways into the mirror. I saw the stomach of a fat girl. Ya know the one where the stomach is so flabby and big it appears to actually hang down to the thighs or the knees. The stomach isn't in the middle. I saw that! Now I haven't been able to recreate it, but it was there. And I don't ever want to be one of those people that have a stomach that goes to her knees. It was very upsetting. For the first time in a very long time, I cried about my weight.
The second reason was a photo was taken of and a friend (yep see above). My face is HUGE. Not just a round face, but its just big. And I realized that I had been thinking in my head I wasn't nearly as big as I was in reality. While it didn't hit me nearly to the core as the first one, its still a concern. So this made my mind up. This made me realize that its now or never. If I don't do something about it now, I wont.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Work Out Schedule - Week 3

In the hopes of getting more people involved in my walks/work outs - Im posting my schedule for the week a few days ahead of time. If you have the time and desire, come join me!! Or ya know ask how I did to make sure Im doing it!! :)

Curves - Sterling Ave
Mon 5-6,
Tues 5-6,
Wed 5-6,
Thurs 5-6

Walking -
Sun - 2-3pm at Stadium Track on Nebraska
Mon - 615-7pm down on Riverfront
Tues 615-7pm at Grandview Drive
Thurs 615-7pm Stadium Track on Nebraksa

Week two..

So I thought Id start a blog during my weight loss journey. Not only to keep myself motivated but allow people to be able to see and feel my struggles. So many times people assume losing weight is an easy process, but its not only a physical and emotional transformation, its also a mental one. You have to start thinking differently. And this is what Im going to do!!! But my tracking at least a few times a week, it will keep me accountable.

So week one I started Weight Watchers. I wasnt sure about doing it, but I thought I need some help. I dont know how to eat like a thin person and I need to be taught. Just like school. I decided Friday nights is a great night to go. Why? During the week I have my boss to help keep me on track. Weekends I need to remember why Im doing this. So its a great start to the weekend. My first week I lost 6 lbs! I know not to expect that all the time, but it was a great instant gratification!!

Week 2, I added in Curves and walking. I probably should have started Curves for a few weeks and then added in the walking, but I like to torture myself. Im not an exercise person. I dont like to sweat, unless Im naked. Ive been a member of Curves before and it worked for me. So I went with that. Same with Weight Watchers (WW from now on).

I never feel like Im working out hard enough. I sweat but I feel like I should be doing more. I dont realize that I havent had physical exercise for years, decades even. Its a slow process.

So far Ive gone to Curves three times. I also walked twice. I plan on doing both again tomorrow. Id like to drop 5 lbs at WW this week. Right now Im down 2.6. So it will be a lot to get in a few days.